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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama: Traitor to Our Country

Barack Obama delivering his electoral victory ...Image via WikipediaForget impeachment, it is past time for that. It's time to consider trying Barack Obama for treason!  If you were trying to destroy another country, how would you go about it? Would you try to prevent it from producing it's own energy, and limit it's ability to import oil from outside it's borders?
Would you try to limit it's ability to import food, and try to render the land useless to production of that food? Would you try to prevent industry from producing, and make money worthless?

Study the ways wars have traditionally been waged, and you will find that these are some of the ways that are used to bring a country to it's knees, before a shot is ever fired. If you can weaken the country first, then you have less of a risk to yourself, and those who follow you.

Barack Obama has cut our oil production, revoked mining permits, put such onerous restrictions on energy plants, that we are at risk of not being able to provide enough energy to keep our country going. Some states are already suffering because of that.

He has closed off land that has been used by cattle ranchers in the past to raise beef, and other animals that are a major source of food to all Americans, as well as being used for export. He has shut off water to a part of California that has traditionally been the breadbasket of that state. Food from that area supplied the state as well as the nation. The loss of both of these areas is putting pressure on the rest of the country, and causing increased prices, as well as shortages, in the rest of the world.

He and his administration are putting policies into effect that are, limiting the availability, and increasing the cost of healthcare. They are putting restrictions on Doctors and Hospitals that are increasing the cost, decreasing the service, denying drugs, and causing the doctors and nurses to violate their oaths, and their religious beliefs.

They are causing the value of the money that America prints, and uses everyday, to become worth less with every time they do something such as "Quanitative Easing". This drives the prices of food and fuel up, and yet, they are not counted when inflation is factored in by those very same people.

What does the United States gain from this betrayal? With the influx of immigrant children on our southern border we are facing a possibility of diseases that are likely to spread so quickly that the movie outbreak could very well be prescient except that the policies of this administration is more likely to spread them throughout the whole of the US.
This doesn't even take into account the drugs that are getting by border patrol that is otherwise occupied or the possibility of terrorist using this as an opportunity.
Our enemies must be laughing their heads off. They don't have to waste a dime trying to destroy this country. Barack Obama is doing is for them.

What is treason? According to W ikepedia treason is "the crime that covers some of the most serious acts of betrayal of one's sovereign or nation".

Oran's Dictionary of Law (1983) defines treason as "a citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]".

Barack Obama and his administration have at the very least "seriously injured" this country. At the worst they have betrayed it to it's enemies. They are making war against the people of this country while betraying our allies and giving up their secrets.

These are just the things we know about. What do we not know about. How much will it take before this country reaches the limit of no return?

Is there one single thing that Barack Obama has done since he took office in January of 2009, that has benefited either the American people or the country itself? His supporters continually tell us how smart he is, but if these are the actions of a smart man, what does it tell us about his agenda?

It is the easy way out to make excuses, and say that "it is a much harder job to govern, than it is to run". But when you look at the big picture and put the pieces together, do you really see an inability to do the job? Or is it a willful, an deliberate attempt to destroy the country?
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