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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christian kiln workers in Pakistan denied their wages this Christmas | Christian News on Christian Today

Christian kiln workers in Pakistan denied their wages this Christmas | Christian News on Christian Today
For anyone who says that the U.S. doesn't support slavery, need only read this article on Christians in Pakistan. Of course, I must point out that these are Christians. I sure if they were Muslim, our country would jump in with both feet and start protesting. It's not as if we don't give them enough money.
For years we have heard how one country or another is mistreating their workers, and we have heard calls from the mainstream media to boycott their products. We have heard from the U.N. about the human rights violations across this country and others where Muslims are involved. Don't get me wrong here, I am not advocating treating Muslims differently, I am advocating treating everyone the same.
If you truly believe in Human Rights, put your money where your mouth is. With hold money for Pakistan if they do not take action to correct these violations. If you do not, you are condoning slavery, and that makes you as bad as any despot in any third world country.
And for those of us who are consumers, we have a choice is what we buy. If we choose not to buy products made in Pakistan, we are sending a message of our own. And believe me, the government will not like to do without that income.
There are a couple of more things we can do as followers of Christ. We can raise this issue in our Churches and we can raise money to help those in need. We are at our best when we walk the walk and show our support for others who not only share our faith, but are suffering because of it.
Of course, the most important thing we can do is raise our voice in prayer! God hears, and answers. He knows what is needed and His will, will be done. But first, we have to ask for his help. We have free will, we have the choice to do what we want. Our first choice should always be prayer.The Holy Bible (King James Version, KJV) for Kindle: The Old & New Testaments, Deuterocanonical literature, Glossary & Suggested Reading List. ILLUSTRATED by Gustave Dore (Mobi Spiritual)

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