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Thursday, December 30, 2010

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh
This article of David Limbaugh's is very concise and lays out what will happen soon very well and I can't add anything to what he is saying other than the fact that the personal cost is going to be very great, but I doubt that the median will cover it until it starts to hit them where it hurts. By that I mean their own families and their own pockets.

In the next two years our cost of electricity to quote Barack Obama  "is necessarily going to rise". Necessarily because this administration is going out of it's way to make it so. With the EPA's new rules and regulations on CO2 going into effect in Jan. and the restrictions on oil drilling, gas drilling, and mining, we are limiting our resources and forcing the closures of some generating plants.

 To top that off, we are going to have to buy from foreign countries to keep up with demand. That alone will cost of more, not to mention that it puts us at risk of being held hostage by other countries. I remember the the early eighties, and the long lines for gasoline. It was't the price that was so crippling, it was the availability. With increased dependence on foreign resources we will put ourselves in that same place again.
With the increase terrorism in the world, it also is more of a danger to the environment than actually drilling for our own oil and gas would be. We have a better chance of  protecting what is on our own soil than we do what is on somebody else's soil. Plus you add in the fact that other countries may be less inclined to care about whether they take care of the environment  than we do and you have a recipe for failure.

 Then you have the problems with transporting it, that is costly and dangerous now, what with weather, Somali pirates, and terrorist. If we start importing even more the dangers increase drastically. I am sure that they have factored all of this in, though, these are after all supposed to be the "smartest guys in the room". 

So, now we will be paying a higher price for energy, food, clothing and every other product that we have to buy. But that is not the only price that will increase. The price that will be paid by the poorest of us will be much greater by far. That price will be their very lives. No matter how much money a government hands out, sooner or later it runs out. And then those that are the most dependent are the ones who suffer most and first.

 What happens now when people can not pay for heat or to keep their homes cool will be nothing to what happens when the prices begin to rise dramatically. Our churches will help out as long as they are able, but their resources are finite. And they are limited by what the congregation can afford to give. When everything goes up, what can be given, goes down. It's sad really, that we have a government that cares so little for the people that it pretends to represent, that they are willing to let people die for so little. In the past, when we have been at war with enemies abroad, men and women have sacrificed and died for a cause that they didn't always agree with, but at the very least they understood the reason. 

This is a war with enemies within that most people do not even realize is going on and probably would not agree with. Is the possibility that their will be an oil leak in the gulf worth watching your neighbors die because they don't have money for food, or for gas to heat their home. Is it worthing watching your friends lose their jobs and not being able to find another. Is it worth knowing that if someone in this administration cared more about the people of the country than they did in what other countries think about them personally, that we would have a thriving industry in providing oil and gas for ourselves as well as other countries. 

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