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Friday, December 31, 2010

Quotes of the day « Hot Air

Quotes of the day « Hot Air

It's funny, but I have been reading a lot here lately on all the reasons Sarah Palin probably, maybe, hopefully, not a chance, she should stay in Alaska, she fading away, reasons on reasons on why a lot of Talking Heads think she could not win the nomination for Republican Presidential candidate. Of course, if by some bit of luck she did win, then she couldn't beat Barack Obama, because things are going to get better.

Let me tell you something people, if things don't get better, it won't matter who runs against Barack Obama. The dog he claims people are treating him like could win. I wonder if Micheal Vick remembered that statement when Barack called the owner of the team to congragulate him.

Two years is not enough time for things to improve that much, and with the policies that the EPA is putting into effect, there is no way that things are going to get much better. You only have to look at the loss of jobs in the Gulf, in the oil industry, in the gas fields, the mines, the farms in California that are turning into dust bowls with the loss of water. The cost of energy will be going up and therefore there will be even more jobs lost. 

The more people find out what is in the health care bill, the less they like it. And it won't be long before jobs will be lost in the insurance business, the hospitals, the Doctors office. Even accounting offices will lose jobs from the new rules and regulations that are being put in place. 

There is not a single business in this country that will not have some kind of negative effect  from the policies put in place by this administration. And if business lose money, people lose jobs. When people lose jobs, they lose their homes. 

Does anyone seriously think they are going to blame Sarah Palin for that and say "Oh wait, maybe she is not too smart, we can't have that". They are going to look at Barack Obama and say, "You said you could fix this, you didn't, in fact it is worse now than when you started."All the negitive nannies who are out there trying to put Sarah Palin down and advance their own agenda had better start looking over their shoulders at the people who live outside the beltway, because we are getting just a little tired of the putdowns and the arrogance. 

We are getting very tired of the "we are so much smarter than you crowd".  And as for what you want to call Sarah Palins reality show I will just say this, Maybe it is time we had a little reality in Washington, DC. For the last few years there has been a mighty short supply of it in the Capitol and the Halls of Congress. We have listened to people lie to us with straight faces, while we know they are lying, and at the same time, if we have the gall to question them, we are either crazy or racist.

We know who the real crazy people are, they are the ones who are running the zoo, and we think that it is time that they went back to their cages. As for all the people who are so quick to call racism everytime someone disagrees with them, we can only pray that someday they overcome the feeling of being victims and realize the joy of freedom.
.A Patriot's History of the United States: From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror

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