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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Advice To Obama

In tonights "State of the Union" address, I would like to give Mr. Obama a little advice, stop investing. You have already proven that when it comes to investing you are a loser. None of your picks have proven out and we are now 14 trillion dollars in debt. 

You know the old saying "doing the same thing over and over again is insanity". Well, Mr. Obama, insanity is a very good reason to remove you from office. I doubt that my opinion counts for very much though. 

You don't seem to be real good a listening to others, since you haven't even met with some of your cabinet ministers in the last two years. It seems that you are so sure you know more than anyone else that you don't think it is important to even pretend that their opinions are valuable. 

Why waste our money then? Just get rid of them. I am sure that the money saved would be very small, but still every penny counts. While you are at it, if you really want to create jobs and get re-elected in 2012, your might start with allowing oil drilling to continue. After all people need gas to go to work.

 Of course if they had the gas to go to work, they might have the money to buy food, too. Just think, you might even be able to tell people that you are decreasing the budget because you are creating jobs, and it might actually be true. Not like all those jobs that you "created or saved" from the stimulus.

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