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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Allen West and Michelle Bachman For 2012

Heard this on Glen Beck this morning and I admit it was a combination that I hadn't considered. Glen mentioned Eisenhower had as much experience as Col. Allen West has, and you must admit, he was a very good President. No one can deny that Col. West is intelligent, and has a very good presence. He is definately a leader, he's no nonsense like Sarah Palin, he has a lot of commonsense, and he looks good, too.
Michelle Bachman is no lightweight either. She is a former tax law attorney and has run her own business. She has been in Congress for a while, so she certainly knows how to get things done. She is also a beautiful woman. She is hated by a lot of people on the left, which is par for the course for any Republican woman. She is an example of Christian values and has a great and large family. Her and her husband have adopted several children, and she puts her money where her mouth is. You know you can trust her to do what she says. You know that she will consider family values in all that she does. She believes in the Constitution and is determined that the new Congress learn and abide by it.
Could they win? They are much more exciting than anyone else out there. Sarah Palin endorsed both of them for their prospective offices. I can see her supporting them. They have all the values that she said should be in Presidental material. Can you see them up against Barack Obama and Joe Biden? I think it would be beautiful. The rich and vibrant team of Allen West and Michelle Bachman would look like the new kids on the block while the other two would look like aging rockers. Joe Biden looks as if another four years might just be too much for him..
It wouldn't even matter who was at the top of the ticket, either one would be an excellent choice. It would be delicious to be a fly on the wall if they wind up as the choice. Can you imagine the looks of disgust on the faces of people like  Chris Mattews, Andrea Mitchell, and yes, Barack Obama.

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