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Friday, January 7, 2011

BBC News - Gulf of Mexico oil leak may give Arctic climate clues

Every day there is new evidence that God is quite able to take care of this world. The evidence in this article shows that what we really know about the environment is limited.When challenged by disasters it seems as if there is some undiscovered bacteria or something to take care of it. In our arrogance we assume that we have a real impact on everything around us.Take trees for instance. For years environmentalist have been screaming about the fact that the rain forests are being destroyed and that we were going to reduce the oxygen in the atmosphere. Now they are going on and on about the CO2 that is in the air. All plants and trees feed off CO2, and there is a lot of new evidence that trees are growing faster now than they have in a long time. But all of a sudden that CO2 is a bad thing.The simple truth is that there is always some one out there trying to run a con. You really have to look at what they will gain when they make these statements. We have to look and see if there is evidence to the contrary. If there evidence can stand by itself, fine. But if it can't stand up to honest challenges then we have to look at what the person making these claims stands to gain from it. We are the fools if we accept everything that is told to us, by even people who are respected

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