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Friday, January 7, 2011

C3: Australian Rainforests Benefit Greatly, and Expand From Increased CO2 - 2010 Study Finds

C3: Australian Rainforests Benefit Greatly, and Expand From Increased CO2 - 2010 Study Finds: "'...the authors write that 'a large research program in the Australian monsoon tropics has concluded that monsoon rainforests have expanded within the savanna matrix' since 'the middle of the last century,' while noting that a similar trend 'has been emulated throughout the tropics worldwide,'.....At the conclusion of their study, the three researchers write that they 'consider it most likely that the expansion of rainforest patches is related to global climate change via increased rainfall and/or the CO2 'fertilizer effect',' since the expansion of Australia's monsoon rainforests occurred 'despite hostile fire regimes.''. [Bowman, D.M.J.S., Murphy, B.P. and Banfai, D.S. 2010: Landscape Ecology 25: 1247-1260]

Additional rainforest-forest postings; peer-reviewed postings."
I find this study fascinating. It hasn't been that many years ago that all a lot of people talked about was how "We are destroying the Rain Forests". It seems that the tides have turned and now the rain forests are growing at a record pace. And to think, it is all because of CO2..
Of course, now the government wants to decrease the CO2 in the atmosphere because it is "a dangerous greenhouse gas". I wonder if they cut the CO2 in the atmosphere if the rain forests would quit growing.
There is an old saying that "you harvest what you sow". Well, I just have to say that the harvest are really pretty good if the CO2 is causing the rain forests to grow bigger. That is where we get most of the oxygen production remember. But then I guess the EPA forgot to factor that in to there equations.

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