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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Card Check by Fiat

Once again the Obama administration is trying to force something on the states that they have not been given the right to do. Congress refused to pass the card check law. So now, even knowing that they do not have the right, they are doing it by fiat. Fighting these obnoxious rules and regulations are going to drive more and more businesses under. How much longer will the American people have to put up with this illegal grab of power by this corrupt administration.
Every single day there is some new information on what they are doing. The media is not covering it, in fact they are covering it up. I am hoping that everyone who sees what they are doing, is willing to spend the time to pass the information on. We have a very short about of time to stop what they are doing or we will lose our country. The loss of jobs alone will lower our standard of living. The loss of  freedom will ruin our country.

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