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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Constitution and the Deniers

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh has a very good article about the Constitution and the Democrats at the link above.
Very few people can so concisely cover both the Constitution and the Democrats and left-wing media at the same time as David Limbaugh. One of the things that makes the Constitution such an amazing document is it's simplicity. Unlike the current trend to put out bills with over two thousand pages and that are so full of incomprehensible that the ordinary person has trouble reading it and some of our Congress people don't even bother.
Each of these Congressmen and Women, as well as the President, take an Oath to Uphold the Constitution, but some of them have such little regard for the document that I wonder why they bother to take the Oath at all.

There must be some other way to hold them accountable, other than just voting them out of office. If you take a vow to tell the truth in Court you can be charged with perjury. It's a shame that these people can not be held to a similar standard. It seems as if you are a Congressman or Woman in this country that you are held to a much lessor standard when it should be the other way.

We have started to wake up and realize what has been going on, but it is going to take a long time to do as Glen Beck suggested and "Restore Honor". We must show those who are ignorant of the actions of those in charge what they have done in their name. And we must weed out those who are actively supporting them, along with those who are just quietly compliant. There can be no fence sitters in the future.

This country was founded with a belief in the authority of God and it must be restored to that authority. We must proclaim loud and strong that the Constitution doesn't  say freedom from Religion, but instead that it says Freedom of Religion, and that Congress shall make no laws abridging the right thereof.

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