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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Did Sarah Palin Cause AZ?

We know we are not the ones doing the threatening and we know that whatever we do will not stop those on the left who don't care who they hurt. What we need to keep doing is what Mr. McCain(the other McCain, that is) is doing along with most other conservative bloggers and the more honest of the news sites.

But while we are doing this, we need to take a page from Glen Beck's play book and watch what the other hand is doing. We know they are not going to get laws through the Republican controlled Congress to stifle speech. But they are going to try through rules and regulations. Watch for them to try to stop or stifle in someway the radio, cable, satellite, and internet.

 The law hasn't stopped them from anything they wanted to do yet, and I don't think it will now. They already have the ability to shut sites down on the internet, they have already done it several times in the past several months.. They have the majority on the FCC, they may try to revoke licenses, all in the name of protecting the people, of course. Whether they bring the fairness doctrine back or not is pretty irrelevant if they use some excuse to revoke radio stations licenses.

 Or they may simply craft a new rule and put a costly fee, or fine, and hold it over their heads. Some of the larger, more profitable radio stations would probably be able to survive. But the smaller AM local stations might not be able to withstand the pressure. If they do something like this, watch them moving quickly and with a large number of stations.

 They are not people who will fight cleanly, these are people who stab you in the back while you are watching the bird flying overhead. I can't take credit for these ideas, I heard it elsewhere!

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