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Thursday, January 6, 2011

E.P.A. Faces First Volley From the House -

E.P.A. Faces First Volley From the House -

It' is really too bad that California did not have the sense to elect Carly Fiorina instead of Barbara Boxer. This woman is so fixated on what she thinks is saving the environment that she doesn't care how much she hurts her state or the country. At the rate California is losing jobs and businesses it probably won't matter too much before long though.

You would think she had some common sense though. What is the point of saving the environment at the loss of the country. Who is going to work to save it when the  Chinese decide to call their loans in? All that beach front property that she is so concerned about will wind up with fences around it to keep Americans out. And we see how good they are at taking care of their own country.

Shoot, they might even keep her on to lie to everybody else the way she lies to her constituents.I doubt that they would pay her as much, though. And I am sure that they will look at what she has and decide if just maybe, Ms Boxer has just a little bit more than the rest of the Chines citizens. That wouldn't exactly look right.

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