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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free To Live

MS pastors defending civil rights of unborn (

I am so happy to see that more and more Pastors are taking stands against the abortion mills that are trying to stop the freedom of the unborn to exist. Anyone in this day and age who truly believes that abortion is a necessary evil, is simply fooling themselves. With the medical advances we have today it really comes down to whether a woman chooses to give that life into the world or chooses death for her unborn child.

I didn't watch the MTV special the other day simply because I could not. The deliberate propaganda for abortion is so offensive  that if we followed the same rules on offending people that the liberals do, in trying to force their opinion on people, it would simply not be allowed to air.

 I wonder if the Democrats are going to be willing to show the other side on issues such as this when and if they get their way, and we have to give both sides of an argument. I figure that they will try to censor our side while  forcing  their side on every young and vulnerable young woman who makes a mistake and has a difficult choice to make. I doubt that they will want that young woman to have all the options available explained to her.

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