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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Herman Cain on the Intangibles and Continuity of Leadership | RedState

Herman Cain on the Intangibles and Continuity of Leadership | RedState

This is a very good article on Herman Cain!!! Unlike Barack Obama, this man knows how to lead.  He knows how to reach people, and how to run a business, he knows what is important in life, and he knows that life is what you make. There is something about people who have survived life altering illness that give them that extra bit of some intangible extra that shows in everything that they do.
If he runs for President it would really make the race exciting. With Michelle Bachman considering a run, too, I would have a tough time deciding who to choose. Still, if Sarah Palin was in the mix, I would have to choose Sarah first. But it would be nice to have a real choice. I wonder if Herman Cain won, or even came in second, if the Democrats would find something racist about it. I am sure that they would say that we just picked him because he was black and had more of a chance to win against Barack Obama.
I would put him up against Barack Obama any day. He lives his values, and doesn't try to force his will on others. Read Herman Cains book and you will find a real man and not an empty suit that cares about nothing but what he wants. Obama is a child compared to Herman Cain.

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