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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hillary's High Crimes

Unfortunately we have a Secretary of State who is now playing politics with the security of this country. The statements that she had made in Abu Dhabi are without merit, and undermine the good people in this country who hold a legitimate, differing opinion from her. This goes beyond the pale. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, does not just represent Barack Obama and the Democrats in this country. She is the represents the whole of the country!!!
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, answers to the American People. As such a she must be held accountable. She herself is subject to impeachment for High Crimes and Misdemeanor's.
There comes a point where people are getting so political that they are forgetting what their responsibilities are. Her's are not to just represent the President, her's is to represent the United States Of America. 
JammieWearingFool: Hillary Blasts 'Extremists' and 'Crazy Voices That Sometimes Get on the TV'

Constitution of the United States of America, with Bill of Rights and Subsequent Amendments

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