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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Like An Onion: Obama and the Democrats

When looking at the Obama administration, the leaders in the Democrat Party, and Obama care, you need to look at it like the layers of an onion. By that I mean start out with what they want most people to see, the first layer. This if for the people who are the true believers, the people who live on the edge, from day to day. The people who have medicaid or some other form of government health care and most have never had anything else. They are also the people, many of whom could care less about the country, and really never think about it unless they don't get what they want. They have been told all their lives that the Democrats are the ones looking out for them, and that is what they believe. They assume that when you talk about health care, you are talking about what they have, and if it is good enough for them, then it is what everyone should have. After all everyone should be equal.

Now we have the second layer, the unions and others, that exceptions are being made for. They think that they are just a little bit better than those other people. They deserve a little bit more. They are the pretenders. They pretend that they are doing what they do for the good of all the workers of the world.

The third layer has a little more substance to it, a little more power, and a little more profit. These are the ones like AARP who have cut deals to make a profit, off the backs of everyone else, all the while pretending that they are just looking out for you.

The fourth layer is the government itself. It gains more power to control than it has ever had, and if it succeeds in enacting the thousands of regulation that are starting to be unveiled, will be like the ultimate virus, written into the program of our country. It will quickly overwhelm it and take over.

Then we have the final layer, the core. This is the one that stinks the most. This is the layer of those who are going to profit tremendously from it, and are actively seeking the destruction of the country. They are not bound to the country, and when it falls, will profit from the fall, and simply take their marbles elsewhere to play. These are the vultures, who have been there many times, some have done it in other countries, and some have just done it in  this country, on a smaller scale.

This country has been in balance for many years.  With those  who really don't care about the country. Whether they be rich or poor, they are just interested in what it gets them. And then there are those on the other side, who do care about the country, but many of whom don't really get involved, unless they see the balance starting to tip. It is the difference between now and then, if you will. Between people whose only interest is in what is going on now, and those who remember the past.

They don't remember the past, because they are no longer learning it. Our schools have for years, been less and less, interested in teaching history, many of the schools are actively cutting it from their lesson plans. Did you ever stop to wonder the reason for that? It's really very simple, think of a country as a house. When you build a home, you decide how it is going to be built. If you want wood you get wood, if you want brick, and so forth. You pick the way it looks to the rest of the world. You pick the colors for the interior, the flooring, the cabinets. It reflects who you are. You know it's history. In a way when you buy a house, it is the same. You choose it because something about it draws you to it, and then you change what you want to to suit you. Sometimes the changes are quick and sometimes  slow. But they are your investment, your history. You tell your children because they live there too, and you want them to love it too. Well, our schools are saying "You don't need to know all that". So our children are growing up without any investment in who we are, or where we came from. They don't know what went into building this country, and the price that was paid for it.

 Many of those that are the first layer, of that onion,  support the Obama administration and the massive healthcare that the Democrats passed last year. It is fine with them because all they have invested in it is the now. Even if we can get rid of the Obama's healthcare, if we don't change the way our children are taught, we are losing the battle. We must do our best to make sure that everyone in this country is invested in keeping it. Whether they are invested in it by being in the military, or if they are immigrants who must learn English, they must all learn the true history of this country. It needs to be something that is at the core of the education of our children. Otherwise this house that we all live in will very quickly begin to fall down around us.

A Patriot's History of the United States: From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror

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