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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mitt Romney: Not For Me In 2012

I do not think that Mitt Romney has a chance to win the GOP Presidential Nomination. He has spent the last two years almost in hiding. While the rest of conservative America has been active in trying to elect conservative representative, you heard very little from Mr. Romney. He did actively speak for some, but other than that, he stayed quiet.
I respect his ability to run a business, but I think he lacks the ability to really connect with people. I don't think that he knows how to deal with the downright meaness that is out there right now. I don't think he has ever really been faced with it. It is not a good thing in this time and place to be considered lukewarm. Romney is like oatmeal, it warms you up a little and it may be good for you, but it is just not the same as a good country breakfast, and it gets old after awhile. Romney has gotten old and it's just not what we need right now.
Romney and Huckabee are probably polling well, simply because they are the best known of the candidates. Huckabee is too liberal. He wanted to tell people how to eat long before Michelle Obama came along. Tim Pawlenty hasn't really shown that he has that something that would make people choose him over anybody else and what I have seen of him doesn't impress me. Newt Gingrich doesn't have a chance I don't think, people have had the chance to choose him before and they didn't, nothing has really changed, except that he has gotten older.
The Tea Party was an important part of the last few years and neither of  these men seem to really reflect the values of the members of the tea party. I think that it will come down to four people that may really excite and inspire the conservatives. They are Michele Bachmann; Allen West; Herman Cain; Rick Perry.  Personally, I like all four. 
You'll probably notice that Sarah Palin is not included in there. That is because Sarah is a force on her own, and if she enters the race, everything changes. If Sarah does enter the race, it may become so volatile that no one is able to accurately judge what the results would be. I think she could win.
 I have heard several people say that her unfavorables are too high. The trouble is that while people think they know her, what they really know is what the media has told them, and that is obviously negative. She has reintroduced herself in some ways, with her "Sarah Palin's Alaska" series, but she will have to do more. The media has portrayed her as dumb for so long that it will be difficult to change some minds. The thing is that the amount of minds she will have to change may not be as many as some think it will be. She will not have to work on her base, it will be there. Probably just five percent more of independents will get her over the top.
The next two years will tell us if Obama will be able to recover his base. If the economy does not improve, I do not think he will be able to. And truthfully, the path we are on, with higher gasoline, food prices and losing even more jobs, does not seem to bode well for him.

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