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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obama Plans Massive Land Grab | Right Wing News

Obama Plans Massive Land Grab | Right Wing News

It's not enough that the Obama administration is closing down most of the oil drilling and imposing such restrictive rules and regulations on the energy producing section of this country, now they are stealing the land that we treasure and need, in order to satisfy some goal as keeping the land wild. May I interject a little common sense here, land that has had mining taking place on it for years is not wild. Land that has had cattle grazing on it for two hundred years is not  wild.
What is the real reason for this theft. Another nail in the coffin of this country. They are quickly shutting down every way to produce energy and to provide food for this country. In two years they have restricted and virtually cut off oil production in the waters off  America's shores. They have put so many restrictions on oil drilling and gas exploration on land that it is almost immpossible to get a permit. Permit that have been given are being rescinded or held for further evaluation. That includes the gas pipeline from Alaska to the mainland that would have increased the availability of natural gas and lowered the prices.
The restrictions and new regulations on coal fired energy plants is going to raise the cost of energy in this country to levels that will make it very difficult for the poor to heat and cool their home. The cost of energy will cause the price of anything manufactured to increase. The additional cost of gasoline due to the loss of offshore drilling the importing of foreign oil will cause the price of transporting everything to increase.
What is the reason for this insanity? The Obama administration claims that it must protect the environment of the future of this planet will be at stake. Let me ask this question, even if they have a genuine desire to save the environment,  when does the price of saving the environment cost too much?

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