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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Obama: Unfit President

I did not intend to write another post about Barack Obama and his use of the slogan "Together We Thrive", but after reading this on Canada's Free Press, I really felt it was important. 

For a long time I have considered that Barack Obama was intent on destroying this country and have taken everything he has done in that light. But his actions at the so-called memorial in Arizona are the worst of the worst. 

This goes way beyond the Paul Wellstone memorial. This goes beyond a pep rally. This was quite frankly a campaign, bought and paid for by all of us, in the name of remembering those who were killed and wounded in AZ.

While we were watching Barack Obama, covered by every major television network, give his speech, we find that the T-Shirts that were put out, were put out by Organizing For America. According to CFF the bottom of the shirts have the phrase "Rocking America and Rocking The Vote".

Personally I find that very offensive. I am ashamed that the man that is the leader of this country has so little regard for the victims in AZ that he would turn a memorial service into a campaign rally. I am offended that the leader of this country would violate the law of this country without a second thought and do it in such a way as to disrespect the very  people he claimed he was there to show support for.

What kind of man is this? What kind of man would use the blood of those who were killed and wounded for his own benefit. What kind of man cares only for himself and nothing for others.
What will we do about it? Will we just let this stand? Or will we stand up and say "No more, Mr. President, no more."
We have been battered and beaten the last few years. We have been told to "shut and sit down". We have been told to "sit in the back of the bus". 

Well Mr. President, you have lost any shred of respect that you had left. You could have drawn this country together. You had that choice. Instead, you choose to do the opposite. You have no regard for this country. You have no regard for the people of this country. But most of all you have no regard for the office that you hold.

Theme of “Together We Thrive” T-shirt came from Obama’s Organizing for America

The Roots of Obama's Rage

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