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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obama's Alternate Reality

I wonder if the people who are in this administration have even a remote regret when they lie to the American people?
Do they really think the American people are that stupid? Or do they just don't care what we think? According to the article, Mr. Obama has spent less than half of his presidency in Washington.  What the articles fails to mention is that of that time that he actually was in Washington he was spending time paling around with sports stars, movie stars, partying and playing golf. He has spent more time in two years playing golf than Mr. Bush did in eight years.
Even the stuff that he and Democrat Congress pushed through was not with much effort on his part. He just let them do whatever they wanted and then signed his signature and bragged about it.  And the bills that were passed were ones that we did not want.  For two years he has been promising to "focus like a laser" on the economy and jobs. If that is what we get when he focus, what can we expect now.
He will simply go around Congress now that the Republicans have the House.  The outrage of the past two years is going to be even worse. Now he doesn't feel that he even has the need to try and convince us of anything.  I am beginning to believe that he really doesn't care if he wins election in 2012. I am beginning to wonder if he will even run. If he can put enough rules and regulations in place that there is no way to  undo all of them, what would be his reason for running.
If he is such a fanatic that as longs as he gets what he wants in place one way or another, there would be no reason for a second term. Surely he must know that if he wants to win, he will have to make the effort to convince the American people that it really wasn't him that has been the problem, that it was the democrats in Congress. Bill Clinton was enough of an egotist that he wanted to be admired. Obama is no Bill Clinton. He has the ego, but he clearly doesn't care that much whether he is liked or not. He really only seems to care if he gets what he wants
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