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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama's Arrogance

What is the definition of arrogance? Thinking you don't need to listen to anyone but yourself!!! Seems like Barack Obama doesn't feel the need to talk with anyone but a few loyal members of his inner staff. John Heileman of the New York Magazine says "Barack Obama didn't bother to confer with a half dozen of his cabinet members during his first two years, not even so much as a phone call.

Why does he have cabinet members if he does not even talk to them? Are they just for show. Sounds like some petty despot who just puts people up for others to look at. He obviously does not think their knowledge or input is worth listening to. 

Does anyone really believe that the next two years will be any different? It seems "the Man" is all that is really necessary to lead this country. It seems that he is so smart, that no one else is needed. Well, I have a suggestion, let's defund all the cabinet and the advisors, then Mr. Obama won't have to even pretend that anyone else is making decisions.

Video: Obama didn’t meet with half-dozen Cabinet members in first two years « Hot Air

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