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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama's Borrowed World

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...Image via WikipediaWe know that Obama has been pretty good at taking what other people write, instead of coming up with his own, but you would think that, at the very least, his speechwriters could do better than that. It's such a shame that a man that is proclaimed, by the mainstream media, to be the greatest orator in the world, and the smartest man in any room in the world, would be nothing without the writings of others. 

There has been plenty of evidence that everything he has written, supposedly by himself, was actually written by others, except maybe his children's book. The same media that so loves smearing Sarah Palin for writing notes on her hand, never calls attention to the fact that Barack Obama can't even remember what he is supposed to say. You would think that he would at least try to memorize part of it, just in case his teleprompter goes out.
I  guess that he is so sure that the media is going to make excuses for him, that he really doesn't care. Seems kind of odd, though, that such a smart man cannot remember his own speech that, presumably, he has taken so much time with.

If he doesn't have time to learn his speeches, or write his speeches, or meet with his cabinets ministers, perhaps he should cut back a little on all the celebrity smoozing, and  gala party's. Maybe he could show that he is really concerned about saving the country some money.

That would mean actually doing the job he was hired to do, though, and he has been too busy acting the part, that he seems to have forgotten, even the best actors memorize their parts. Wonder how he made it though law school. If would be awfully hard if you are not able to remember the actual laws, and decisions made by the Supreme Court.

Perhaps that is the reason that he has not released his records. It would be nice if we knew what kind of man we have elected to the Presidency. But that is ok, he may think he has prevented us from finding out who the real Barack Obama is, but actions always speak louder than words. Sad, really, that the media think that the man who is the smartest, best person in the world, can not remember the words to the speeches that he can not write.

History will be the eventual judge of Barack Obama, so we don't know the final outcome, but one would think that he would care about how he is remembered. I wonder at the attitude of someone who has no concern with the future, only the now. It tells me that there is something lacking, more than just the inability to remember, or the careless attitude on the value of other people's writings. It also makes me wonder at the attitude of those admirers of his, the main stream media. If they have no concern for this abduction of property, perhaps they share his values, and maybe we should look a little closer at what they write themselves.

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