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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obama's Bully Tactic's

Forget about what the Obama administration says, it's mostly just hot air anyway. What you really want to do is watch what they do. Take West Virginia, for instance, where Joe Manchin, Democrat, won the Senate seat by promising that he would vote against cap and trade. 
 One of Obama's first acts this year, was for the EPA to revoke a mining permit that had already been approved. This will result in the loss of jobs and income in a state that vitally needs both. Le'gal In'sur'rec'tion has a very good article about that, I have linked to it at the bottom of the page.

But that is not the only time they have punished a state that has gone against what they wanted. Look, for instance at what they are doing in Texas. Texas is not doing what they want, and so they are taking over all issuing of permits by the EPA, instead of letting the state do that, which is how it has been since the EPA was first formed.

And who can forget Arizona.  The cost to the state in fighting the lawsuits is huge. The cost of the illegal immigration is even worse. The destruction to the environment, where border patrol is not allowed, and yet illegals come in constantly. Then the trash they leave behind is disgusting. And yet this environmentally astute administration turns a blind eye. Why? So they can score a few points? 

What message does this send? The message is that "we have the right to tell you what you have to do", and "if you don't do what we want, we will destroy you". Think about that for a minute, they don't care how they hurt the state, the people, or the country. The only thing that counts is that they get their way.

It doesn't matter if the question is immigration, civil rights, health care, or oil drilling. It doesn't matter if it is something Congress has approved, or whether Congress has denied them that right. It doesn't matter if what they are doing opens the door to terrorists. It doesn't matter if they drive to costs of everything in the country, whether it is gasoline, food, electricity. or healthcare, to limits that  ordinary people can no longer afford.

What does it say about the leadership of this country? To me it says the they either do not care about the country, or that they are stupid, or that it is a deliberate process to destroy this country.
Personally, I believe it is the latter. 

I read something everyday where they are totally disregarding the consequences of the actions that they are taking. Everyday there is some new evidence that they are using their power to trample the rights of the people and the states of this great country. The climate of fear and distrust is growing. 

When you choose to do things like "Net Neutrality" when Congress did not give you that right, you are not only going against the spirit of the law, you are going, willfully against the people who elected you to that position. When you are enacting "Cap and Trade" even though Congress did not pass the legislation, you are willfully and with malice aforethought, against the Constitution of this country.

The office of the President of the United States of America takes an oath to protect the people of this country. Our current President is violating his oath, and is instead, seemingly, deliberately, doing destruction to both the people, and the country itself. They are pushing the people of the country, pushing the prices of everything up, pushing the envelope on their rights and privacy, even pushing fear of neighbor against neighbor.

In any crime, one of the first questions asked is "who profits" from the crime? We are told that usually a crime is committed for one of three reason:  profit, lust, or power. Sometimes all of the above. I think we can rule out lust.

But take the power and the profit. Almost everything they have done, has given them much more power. Even if most of it can be repealed, there will be remnants left that will take years, if ever, to root out. Anyone who has power over you stands to profit in someway. 

Has our country been sold out for power? Have we come to the point that we have allowed someone with no real concern for the country itself, to be in a position where they can destroy the country? How can we prevent this from happening again?

One way is education. Our children must learn History. They must have an investment into the future of the country. And above all, we must do a better job of finding out what the person who wants the job, really wants to do with the job.

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

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