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Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama's Job Killing Land Grab

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...Image via WikipediaOnce again we see that the Obama administration does not believe that the law applies to them. In a letter to Dept. of Interior Sec., Ken Salzar, several congressmen remind the Secretary that they are the ones who have the ability to designate public lands "Wilderness Areas".

"As you know, the Wilderness Act gives the U.S. Congress -- and only the U.S. Congress -- the power to designate public lands as protected "Wilderness Areas."  Secretarial Order 3310 appears to be an underhanded attempt by DOI to circumvent Congress and the federal rulemaking process…"

For a President who says he "is focused like a laser on jobs", it seems like the focus is how many he can get rid of, not how many he can "create or save". Of course, perhaps he doesn't realize that this will kill jobs, or maybe it's all George W. Bush's fault. After all, he has only been President just over two years. 

But the uncertainty of what the administration is trying to do is going to lead to instability in the economy of the area.It also puts many proposed energy projects off the books. That leads to a loss for all the country, not just the west. With the increase in the cost of corn, up 56% since June, it will drive the price of gas up, too. 

This new “wild lands” policy introduces more uncertainty and will arbitrarily delay the reasonable use and development of our public lands.  In order to prevent a collapse of several rural economies in the West and forestall continued uncertainty and job loss in western public land states, we urge you to withdraw Secretarial Order 3310 and work with Congress to devise balanced policies for our public lands.

Then you add in the instability in the Middle East, where does that leave us. Think about it for a few moments. If Egypt changes leadership, who will control the Suez canal? Will it be someone friendly to us? Factor in the loss of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and off shore in the rest of the U.S. And don't forget the closing of some of the coal mines and the increased regulations that will force some of the coal fired energy plants to close.

We probably won't have gas lines like we had in the late 70's, but the price may be so high that fewer people will be able to drive. Perhaps that is their desire, but what about the people who live outside the cities and have  to drive. If they can't pay for gas to get to work in the factories, chicken processing plants and on the farms, will those industries and farms be able to stay afloat?

It is like a cascade. Increased costs in one area, sooner or later, lead to increased cost in another. Is that their desire. Do they care so little about the actual people in this country that they would destroy the infrastructure and industry to restore what they think is the superior environment? Is that what we elected them for? 

I know that wasn't what I had in mind when I voted. I wanted a President who would provide security for the country and the people. Not a President that wanted to get rid of the people so the environment could be secure. In my book, people come first. I want a country for my kids, but if the administrations current policies continue, it will wind up being a country without kids.

Western legislators call for withdrawal of Secretarial Order on Wild Lands | Regulations content from Western Farm Press

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