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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obama's New Campaign: Starve The People?

We have seen the lengths the Obama administration will use with the EPA to regulate  almost any facet of this country. They are shutting down coal mines, oil drilling, coal fired energy plants, and forcing clean air regulations that are putting many factory's at risk of shutting down. We are just beginning to see the results of a lot of the new rules and regulations the EPA is applying. They are costly, in terms of jobs lost, lost income from taxes, and lost profit from the industry's involved.

Now we learn that not only will jobs be lost, but that there is a good possibility that we will lose a major part of our farm land. The EPA it seems, is "trying to control any land without 500 feet of a waterway, with the intention of trying to control pesticide, herbicide, and other pollutants that might runoff from farmlands", this according to Chet Didier in an interview on Fox Business Channel. Mr. Didier says that if this policy goes into effect "up to 61% of farmland could be forced to remain fallow and unfarmed".

I know that if that is true it would affect most of the farmland in Arkansas. I don't know how that would affect farmland in other states. Farming is a major industry in my state. It is the major source of food in the state, as well as jobs. We export things like rice and soybeans. If we lose the income from the loss of the farmland, it would cripple the state. 

How many other states are there, that their major income, comes from farming, or ranching? I am just assuming here, but I would think that it would affect the farming of alfalfa and other sources of animal feed. This would obviously affect chicken farmers, cattle ranchers, pig farms, goat farms, etc. Anyone that has to feed their animals would expect a large increase in the cost of raising their livestock.

Then we have the cost of gasoline. With the increased use of corn ethanol, the price would naturally at the very least double.That doesn't even take into consideration the increased cost of food for ourselves.

What does the Obama administration want us to do? Import all our food? Will this help our environment? Don't think so, do you? Think about it, we will be spending more and more money importing our food, which will lead to an even larger use of foreign oil. The fumes alone from the increased traffic would probably increase our "carbon footprint". Of course, that implies that their would be people left to eat the food that is imported.

Clint Didier on Fox News reports new EPA policies could shut down farms - National Finance Examiner |

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