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Friday, January 7, 2011

Obama's Oil Trick

Do you think just maybe, that this would cause the Obama administration to change their minds about oil drilling in the gulf or off the shores of America?  You would think that it would be the greatest news in the world, wouldn't you. I mean, after all, now we don't really have to worry about importing foreign oil and shutting down all the oil rigs. We don't have to worry about putting all those people out of work. We don't have to worry because there is plenty of oil and gas in the water around America.  And since we know that there is a bacteria that will take care of most of the problems if there is an oil spill, we don't have to  worry about that either.
It's funny, though, I haven't heard one word about it in the mainstream media. Could it possibly be that the Obama administration doesn't really want there to be this kind of good news. If it gets out that they are fudging the information again, people might just begin to wonder if they are trying to drive the price of oil up to the price it is in Europe. People will start to wonder if maybe, that Barack Obama doesn't really want this country to  improve. Maybe people will start to do more than wonder. Maybe they will start to  believe.Read the article below at Vladimir's Energy Blog.

Vladimir's Energy Blog - Resilient Mother Gaia, Part MCLXXIV: GoM Methane Bloom Vanishes. #rsrh


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