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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barack Obama: Enemy Within

Obama's Oil War -

The President of this Country takes an Oath of Office swearing to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Our current President is deliberately, and with malice aforethought, undermining, and ignoring that same document. This is a High Crime if nothing else is.
But it goes beyond that. Our current President is actively, and with the consent, and help of the many aides that he has placed in important positions, deliberately, trying to destroy the country itself. According to the article in Investor's Business Daily
                    "America has the oil and natural gas resources to ensure its energy future as we develop reasonable, economically viable alternatives to fossil fuels. And that oil and gas is available right now."

Right now!!! Not ten years down the road, not two or three years away, but right now!!! They continue
                  "Yet our government has systematically put these resources out of reach, making us more dependent on unreliable foreign sources. Today we're more, not less,  vulnerable to the predations of foreign dictators and tyrants who would do us ill."

What could be more of a High Crime than to deliberately put us vulnerable to those that would do us harm? They can not claim ignorance. They have been warned on more that one occasion and yet they continue to press ahead.

Since Mr. Obama has took office, according to IBD, oil prices have soared 117%, while he and his administration have:
1:Virtually shut down oil drilling in the gulf
2:Put hundreds of billions of  offshore oil and gas off limits to  exploration.
3:Canceled 77 existing oil leases in Utah
4:Proposed new taxes on energy
IBD says that Stephen Chu, Obama's Energy Secretary has stated that he wants to see prices as high as they are in Europe, which IBD points out "that the last they checked were $7 a gallon".
What the article doesn't mention is the new rules and regulations the EPA is putting in place, that will cause the closure of many coal fired energy plants. It also doesn't mention the withdrawal of many mining permits, or the reevaluation of those permits, which effectively prevents the mining. Which, along with the floods that have hampered mining in Australia, will drive the price of coal up.
What better way to bring a country down than to cut off it's ability to provide it's own energy, to power the industry and homes of that country. What better way to bring a country down than to cause the price of fuel, food, and production to be so costly that it will soon become out of reach for any but those who are wealthy.
What better way to bring down a country than to deliberately starve and freeze the people of that country.
Our founders knew that there would be the possibility of enemies within. That is why they put the option for impeachment into the Constitution. I don't know if they had any idea of the speed in which the destruction of this country could begin from the enemies within, but it is in our hands on what we choose to do.
We have the process that the Congress can, and must start! But we also have the vote at the ballot box. We may not have enough time in the next two years to completely clean house, some of the work that needs to be done will take the cooperation of the other side, and we have seen that most of the ones in power are either compliant, or refuse to see. Let us hope and pray, while at the same time we educate those who are ignorant of the facts, that we can wake enough people up to save this wonderful country..

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