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Friday, January 28, 2011

Obama's Unjustice Department

Jay Stanley, education director for the nation...Image via WikipediaI find it extremely interesting that our own government, i.e., the Obama Justice Department would be so totally out of touch with the real world that they would actually collude via emails to attack Az.
But according to this article by Judical Watch, that is exactly what they did. How many more instances of the administration working against the interests of the country are we going to find in the next few years. I sincerely hope that the new Republican controlled Congress does it's duty to the American people and investigates this administration in every department from the highest level to the lowest level.
It's too bad that some of the very one's that need to be investigated the most, are fleeing the ship now that Republicans are in charge. I guess they think that this way they are not subject to investigation, but they don't seem to realize that even if they don't answer questions, the people lower than them, may be perfectly willing to implicate them, and if illegal activities are found, they can be prosecuted.

Obama Justice Department Colluded with ACLU to Attack Arizona’s SB 1070 According to Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch | Judicial Watch

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