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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflecting Obama

Flash!!! Update!!!! Breaking News!!!! Obama says he is going to focus like a laser on the economy!!!!!
Oh wait, he said that last year, and the year before. Maybe he just needs a new writer. I'm sure they've loaded that same speech into the teleprompter at least two dozen times. People are starting to realize that he is just repeating the same old line.

Perhaps we can't blame him, I mean he did get hit in the mouth with a elbow recently. Maybe that affected his memory! But surely his staff remembers better than that. Maybe he just needs a new staff, people who can think of something else for him to say. I mean, he is the President after all. He can't do everything. He has to find some time to relax. I mean he is in that Whitehouse day after day spending long hours working and Michelle doesn't even get to spend any time with him. Now how many rounds of golf did he play this year?
The Obama Diaries
Maybe he just needs to spend another trillion or so dollars, I am sure if he throws enough money at the problem it would be fixed. Who cares what the Chinese think anyway. If they decide that they want their money, well they can just come and get this country. It's not much good anymore anyway. We can just find another one somewhere.

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