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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sarah Palin: Smart Is As Smart Does

Governor Palin 4 President: Washington Times: Palin’s Real World Experience Vs Tele-Prompter & Affirmative Action Obama

One has to wonder at the audacity of this article. I'm sure that the left will be up in arms at the comparison of Sarah Palin to Barack Obama, especially when he comes out the loser. They are so right though, there really is no comparison. Sarah Palin lives her life with integrity and an abundance of joy. Barack Obama has trouble even showing the simplest emotion. Sarah Palin can tell you what she means. Barack Obama has to have someone load it into the teleprompter, or if he makes the mistake of going off the teleprompter, comes across as a whiny child. Sarah Palin considers life precious and worthy. Barack Obama considers it an inconvience and if his daughters somehow produced that life in an unwanted pregnancy would want to wipe it away as if it were the fly that has a habit of landing on his face. Sarah Palin lives her life by example. Barack Obama would rather tell everyone else how to live theirs
If you weigh the scales it comes out in Sarah Palin's favor everytime.We don't know how intelligent Barack Obama is, we just have his word for it. And we have seen how good his word it. He makes a habit of saying what he thinks people want to hear, and doing exactly the opposite. I have always found that people who proclaim their intelligence, or have other people proclaim it for them, usually are not nearly as intelligent as they think they are. Most times you can judge peoples intelligence in  what they do, Sarah Palin shows her intelligence in the way she lives her life, the way she deals with other people and the way she uses her common sense to solve problems. We had a saying when I was a kid, "smart is, as smart does". No matter what her I.Q. is Sarah Palin is smart.

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