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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarah Palin: Surgeon

The media has been blazing away at Sarah Palin for days now and on Wed. when she responded were, shocked, shocked, that she would have the nerve to call them on what they were doing. They have been shooting at her with canons and instead of responding with bigger guns, Sarah fooled them. She simply looked at the problem with the eyes of a surgeon and skillfully excised them with her scalpel.Now the abcess has been lanced and the whiff of corruption is starting to fade. 
She, with a few, well placed words, turned the tables on the media, and made them look like the fools they have been. Now they are back to their games of how stupid she is, without even realizing that they have just proved how dumb they are.
She may not be winning a lot of democrats over to her side, but she is forcing them to admit that  she is not what the media is trying to make her out to be.
The crazies were so excited that they were finally going to get to blame Sarah Palin, for something horrific, that they willing put names and faces to the hate they were spewing.  Exposure to sunlight is usually very cleansing and hopefully the haters of Palin have exposed themselves clear into oblivion.
The Democrat party, by continuing to let their followers threaten and try to intimidate those  on the other side, are pushing those who might have been sympathetic with their cause, further and further away.  

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