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Monday, January 10, 2011


Glen Beck, this morning on his show discusses the blame game that has been going on by the mainstream media and others. He talks about his fear for his family, his fear for Sarah Palin, and his fear that the country is breaking down. He reminds us of the importance of God and turning to him. He reads an part of an email from Sarah Palin talking about how much she hates violence.

It reminds us that some people are willing to use any thing to get their way. They have no shame and no real care for how they make anyone else feel. The only thing they are good at is bullying, and they are out in full force. If they can't really get away with blaming Sarah Palin, then, of course, it's the speech that is on our side that must be stopped. Never mind that speech had nothing to do with the shooting of Gabby Gifford or any of the others. No matter how far fetched it might be, it always has to be turned into something to stop those who disagree with them.

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