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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarah Palin vs Joan Walsh -

I read an interesting article today by Joan Walsh from Salon. I hesitate to even call it interesting. Quite frankly, it was plain disgusting. I question her premise that she, as she states in her title "Sarah Palin will never be president", is, in the first place qualified to make that determination. After all, this  is not some banana republic where the president of the country is chosen by so called journalists. 

I say so called because, since she is not in the slightest degree, objective, she really can not be consider a journalist. And quite frankly, reading what she has written, one has to consider if she is quite sane. After all sanity requires one to be rooted in reality and she is not. Let me go over some of the points she has made.
She says "I don't know what is worse: That Sarah Palin knew the term "blood libel"," 
then she goes on to imply, well not really imply, flat out state that she probably doesn't know, the meaning.

Well, obviously, according to many Jewish responders, she did indeed know the meaning, and her use of it was appropriate.
 Next she goes on to state that Sarah's video was all about her. I think Mz. Walsh needs to have her hearing checked, she seems quite disconnected to reality and therefore is hearing things that are not there. For Mz. Walsh's edification, this is one of the signs mental illness.

 Most of us heard a quite passionate wish for people to remember the victims, a reminder that the shooter is responsible for his own actions, and that the way we debate, hold elections, and then get back to the business of governing, and living our lives, is precious and remarkable.

And then she goes on to talk about how she finds the way Sarah looks, eerie. Another sign of mental illness is seeing things that are not there. Please will someone intervene with this woman, and get her some help. She must really worry her friends. Please forgive, Mz. Walsh. I am not trying to say that you are mentally unbalanced. I am not qualified to judge.

But that is exactly my point. You have put yourself up as judge and jury and decided that Sarah Palin is not qualified, that she is stupid, that she only thinks about herself and any number of other things that you attribute to her.
You obviously think you are qualified, and your opinions are probably valuable to yourself, and those of your friends and followers who choose to listen. But to those who really will make the decision on Sarah Palin's qualification to be president, believe me, your opinion will count for less than a grain of sand. 
I have included the link, just in case anyone really wants to read the dribble that she espouses.

Sarah Palin will never be president - Joan Walsh -

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