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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shame and Media Lies

It's a shame that to some people furthering their agenda is much more important than the lives of people. We see this almost everyday. We see it in the pushing of a green agenda, regardless of the cost to the American people in money, livelihood, and yes, even their lives. We see it in the pushing of Obamacare, regardless of the cost to peoples jobs, lives, and actually healtcare. We see it in the pushing to prosecute terrorists as if they were regular criminals.

But the worst of those actions were shown this past few days. Certain people were so determined to push their agenda, that they had no regard for the lives of the people they were so quick to judge. Those people weren't important to them because they were on the opposite of the argument. They were quick to judge and blame without any proof. A lot of those people were the same ones who, for years, have claimed that they are totally objective and that they are just looking out for the American people.

 It's amazing really, in the light of the fact that, these same people, have been using the same words for years. They have targeted people, threatened people, accused people, got in their face and called them all kinds of names. Amazing isn't? The Democrat far left are okay as long as they are the ones doing all these things, but, God forbid, that just maybe, someone who disagrees with them might do the same thing.

The really sad part is that, they have not regard for the people who were killed or injured. They spent hours trying to use them to push their agenda through, and yet, if you spend some time reading what they say, or listening to them on TV, radio, or the internet, they have spent only a few minutes asking for prayers for those and their families.

You can always tell something about people by the way they react to situations. Hero's will run into buildings, or as in AZ. tackle an armed man. Cowards and bullies will spend their time mocking and blaming others.
People that care about other people show concern and compassion. People that only care about themselves forget the people who are hurt and killed and seek to profit from others loss.

The far left and many in the media have shown the American people who they really are. This attempt by them to destroy those who disagree with them, instead, has shown them for who they really. The mask of fake concern for the people of this country, has not just slipped, it has fallen completely away.

  I said this the other day in a different context, but it applies just as well now. My pastor pointed this out in dealing with something totally different, he quoted someone, I don't remember who, "They may forget what you said, they may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

The far left and a lot of the main stream media have left a lot of people with a variety of feelings, none of them good. Shame, anger, fear, and disgust. I don't think the American people will forget that for quite some time. It's a real shame that, instead of doing the right thing, and waiting before they judged, they were so quick to score a point, they forgot that the American people needed a little compassion and understanding that others shared their feelings.

Our prayers are with the families of Gabby Gifford and all the others who were injured or killed. We don't know the pain that they are going through and we will not say that we know how they feel. Shame on those who are so determined to push their agenda that they don't  care to think of others.

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