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Monday, January 24, 2011

Switching Parties

You can tell which way the wind is blowing for the Democrats. With the Democrats in Georgia changing parties and now these in Texas, you know that they have really pushed their people to the edge. At the rate they are switching parties, there may not be any democrats let in the south by 2012.
I don't think that anyone can win the Presidency without some of the south. That is going to leave Obama hanging in the wind. I don't know how many have switched, but enough to curtail any possibility that they will take back the Georgia House, or the Texas House. Then you count in the redistricting and Texas getting more Representatives and the Republican advantage is pretty good.
I am not sure that Florida will be in play in 2012, I may be reading it wrong, but I think it will be red for the 2012 election. So will Ohio, so where does that leave the Democrats? I would not be surprised if a lot of the people that turned out for Obama in Illinois, and Michigan may stay home. If he can't keep them, he can not win, as long as we are able to get our people fired up and out voting.

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