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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Texas for Sarah Palin: The Ignorant Fishermen reviews 'America By Heart'

Texas for Sarah Palin: The Ignorant Fishermen reviews 'America By Heart'

Sarah Palin is the example that I hope my children and my granddaughter pay attention to. She is a woman that has life based on the principles in the Bible, she is someone that can actually be called a Christian. She doesn't  try to force her will on others and tell them they have to do what she does. She lives her life and doesn't worry about whether you believe what she does or something totally different. If we had more people who lived this way this country would not be in the trouble it  is now.

Instead we have leaders who are so sure they know what is best for you, that they will go to any lengths to force their way on you. We have a HHS dictator who proclaims that women should have free choice in whether they have children or not, at the same time she is forcing Doctor's and nurses, who know that abortion is murder, to take part in that murder or leave the service that they have committed their lives to.

It is so refreshing to see someone who actually lives their life on the principle of free will and goodness, love, charity, truthfulness, and hard work. Someone who knows that if you truly believe in God, that you will live your life as if He may return any moment. Someone who knows that life is to be lived and not complained about. Someone who is able to take the slings and stones that this world throws your way. Someone who shows what real love, life and family are.

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