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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tim Pawlenty vs Sarah Palin

Could Tim Pawlenty be elected President of the US. Maybe!! If he spends the time in the next year to introduce himself to the American people he might have a better chance. He is conservative enough, but the last few times I watched him speak, he was rather tepid. He seems better in situations when he is talking more one on one. He has the understanding of people in the heartland. He has the compassion, the intellect, the common sense, the work ethic, the ability to lead, and some idea of how business works.

He has a good family and faith in God.  He has much more experience than Barack Obama had. He knows what happens when the federal government imposes burdens on the states, and he knows the challenges that the states have to deal with in the many and varied rules and regulations that can often inhibit growth and industry.

The challengers he might have will show whether he really has a chance, though. I truly think he could beat Romney. Romney has some baggage that tends to weight him down.

I think he can beat Huckabee easily, of course, part of that may just be the fact that I don't like Huckabee. He is quite frankly a liberal in sheeps clothing.

Jeb Bush is denying he wants to run, and that, I think, is a good thing. While George W. is getting more liked, I am afraid that he was not a conservative in any way or shape. We won't forget that, even while we may respect him a little more.

Chris Christie would beat him in a New York minute, but he says he will not run. I would love for him to. I would vote for him without another thought.

 Michelle Bachmann, as much as I love her, against Tim Pawlenty, would be pretty well matched. I think that she just might beat him. At least in the heartland. The Washington elites would mock her and put her down, just like they do now. She might be able to overcome that, I honestly don't know. It would be a challenge.

 Newt Gingrich I think he could beat, while I like Newt, I don't really see him as President.

 Herman Cain would be a real challenge I think. The man's story is much more compelling than Tim Pawlenty. His presence is greater, the charm of the man hits you even on the small screen. He really knows how to lead. I think he would be very hard to beat.

Now we come to Sarah Palin!!!! I am not sure that there is anyone out there that could beat her, except herself. She has everything that it takes to make a great President. And if she gets out there and woo's the American people, I think that she might get more positive attention. But there is always going to be the negatives out there.

So could Tim Pawlenty win? Yes, maybe, and no. It just depends on the what the field is. Should he run? Personally, I hope they all run. I think we deserve to have a wide selection to choose from. I think that is simply good for the country, if there are more people who are running. They will each have to prove their worth and we will be better for it!

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