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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Women Who Fear Real Success

Chris Matthews at presidential debate in Dearb...Image via WikipediaMichele Bachmann Balloon Head | Chris Matthews | Slavery | Mediaite

I have a question for all liberal females, does it really make you feel good to watch Chris Matthews treat conservative women this way?
Do you really think that he wouldn't treat a liberal woman this way.
Have you forgotten how he treated Hillary?
What does NOW really stand for anyway?
Have women gained anything since NOW started working for you?
I think that you are afraid, just like any other abused woman out there, you don't speak because you are afraid of what they will do to you. 
I wrote a post several days ago about overcoming victimhood, I suggest that you read it. You obviously consider yourselves to be victims. Do you like to be able to tell the world that you are "struggling to overcome"?
 Maybe it is because all you know how to do is get someone else to do the work for you, and then you complain that they haven't done enough, or they didn't do it the right way.
Perhaps that is the real reason that you don't mind how liberal men treat women. You don't really want all the obligations that go with success, you just want to make excuses for not getting.
Personally I get tired of you harping about how you are owed this or that, and yet you rundown the very women who have worked hard to obtain the goals that you claim should be given you.
If what you truly wanted was to break the glass ceiling that you claim is out there, you would quit whining and step up and tell the women haters that call themselves men, that you don't support the way they denigrate conservative women.
All they do is make you look bad. After all, we expect it from them. And if you really think they will stop with conservative women, let me remind you of Hillary Clinton. Are you really happy that they did her the way they did? Especially knowing that she would have been a much better President than Barack Obama?
Overcoming Victimhood | My Blog

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