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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wrongful Blame

The reactions on both side of the political spectrum to the shooting in Az. of Rep. Giffords and many others shows a remarkable contrast. I spent a good part of the evening reading postings from both sides, after I put up my prayers for all involved. I waited to see what the police would say. Across the board on the conservative sites others did the same.

 It's a shame that others are so quick to judge. I don't know the mental condition of the man and I don't know the political leanings, but I do believe that to accuse without facts, is simply wrong. I won't speak to the motives of those who are so quick to blame Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, and others, I don't know their heart or mind. I would hope if something were to happen to either of them, that we, who are conservative would not react and blame without the facts. Facts are a stubborn thing, and if you speak without them, then you are the one who looks the fool. If you try to smear a person without due cause, then eventually it returns to you and your word it no longer listened to.

The Media & The Shooter | RedState

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