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Friday, February 18, 2011

Constitutional crisis brewing?

Barack Obama President of the United States of...Image by London Summit via Flickr
Are President Obama and his law team actually ignorant of the law? Or is there something about "Unconstitutional" that they don't understand? When Judge Henry Vinson ruled that the healthcare bill was unconstitutional, it would seem that that would make the administration realize that unless they got a decision from a higher court that differed with that decision, that it would make the law null and void.
It defies common sense to think that it would need to be clarified in order that they could force states to implement it anyway. And yet, that is what this administration is asking the judge to do. We have seen that Mr. Obama and his administration believe that the law doesn't apply to them. They have ignored a court order two different times in regard to the moratorium on off-shore drilling, to the point where they have been held in contempt. They have ignored the courts when they were told that they do not have the authority to impose rules in regards to regulating the internet.
What exactly do they think they are obliged to do in regards to the the law of the country? Does the President of the United States of America, think that he and his administration are above the Law? Are we in a "Constitutional Crisis" when we have a President who believes that he has the ability to impose his will without without regard to the legality of any of the decisions that he is imposing on the people of the country?

Administration asks judge to tell the states that healthcare law isn't optional - The Hill's Healthwatch

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