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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Environmental Suicide: Killing The Country One Area At A Time

Toilet with flush water tankImage via WikipediaYou have to ask environmentalists just what would be acceptable in their view for energy to run this country. It seems that they have a problem with coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, and even wind and solar in some places. Do they have some magic formula to provide energy? Or do they simply want this country to go back to the dark ages. If that is their wish, may I remind them the effects of burning wood on the environment.
Truly it seems as if they wish that everybody would either leave the country, or perhaps die off, in order that the country would return to the condition it was before it was inhabited by people. If that is their desire then they are out of luck. It isn't going to happen.
I wonder where they would choose to live if this country were to become off limits. Would they perhaps choose to live in China, India, Russia, or perhaps they could go to South America with it's many dictators and try to tell them that they should start cleaning up their countries. Perhaps Chavez would welcome them with open arms, at least until they tried to tell him how he needs to run his country. Then I am sure that he could find some neat and clean 4x8 dwelling for them to live in. They would not have to deal with flush toilets, running water, electricity, oil, natural gas, or any other of the innumerable luxuries that we have to deal with everyday. They wouldn't have to worry about trees being cut and used to make toilet paper, or books, or food either. 
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