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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Have We Lost The Middle East?

Map of Strait of HormuzImage via Wikipedia

It seems that with Mr. Obama, we have become irrelevant to the security of the area. With Mr. Bush, we at least had the respect of the leaders of these countries, even if they did not really like us. Now we do not even have that. We have angered those who supported us in the past, and made them lose face with their neighbors. They have lost faith that if push come to shove, that we will help protect them if they are in need. We have even demanded that our staunchest ally, Israel, give in to the demands of those who are determined to destroy her.

What happens if we lose access to our military bases in the Middle East? We have unrest in Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Saudia Arabia. If we lose access because of the violence, will we have to withdraw from the area? Or will we have to fight to retain what we hold? If the countries that we have bases in, withdraw their permission, where does that leave us? If we lose access to the Suez canal, or the straits of Hormuz, for instance, can we keep oil tankers that supply our country safe? What happens in Afghanistan? With Turkey so anti-Israel now, how does that affect our relationship in that area? Where do we stand with the United Arab Emirates and Quatar?

 If Iran decides to take advantage of our weakness  and lack of support for Israel and decide to attack, what will we do? Surely this is on the mind of our friends and our enemies too. How is it that a man that we were told was"the one that we have been waiting for", has instead, become the one that we wish would go away.

Instead of strengthening our ties to the Middle East, we have almost destroyed every single relationship that we had. The arrogance of those in power in Washington, D.C. have endangered our future, and the very security of our existence.
So, where do we go from here? Can we regain our standing is we elect someone else in 2012? Or have we lost our advantage for an untold period of time? What else have we lost? 
Mideast unrest puts US military access in jeopardy

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