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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lawless EPA

Official portrait of Environmental Protection ...Image via WikipediaThis EPA director is the worst in the history of the agency. She is arrogant and lawless. She asumes that she has more power that the Congress and the Courts. She has ignored the will of Congress and the Courts and flaunts the power that she thinks she has as if the law has no meaning to her.
She has accused the Congress of trying to kill children by regulating what she can do, at the same time the policies that she is putting in place are going to lead to millions of people doing without heat, food, and jobs.
The restrictions she and the Obama administration are putting on Energy plants alone, will drive the cost up so much, that we will be lucky if we have enough money to run the dangerous lightbulbs that they are requiring that we use.
The cost of food will rise due to the cost of energy and transportation. The increased cost that will be needed to abide by the new regulations on milk will make it out of reach for many. They are asking for a decrease in the amount of money that is available for the poor in heating their homes. They have reduced the proposed amount allocated from 5.6 billion to 2.6 billion.
How many people will die because of these policies? If these people really cared about the poor and children, they would not be putting in place policies that are hindering the ability of those same people to live. The one's that are actually killing children are the very same ones that are accusing Congress of doing so!!!!!

EPA responds to congressional attempts to reel in greenhouse gas regulation | Watts Up With That?

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