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Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama: Arrogant Fool

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - SEPTEMBER 09:  Saudi Ar...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
The ignorance and arrogance of our President has put this country at the biggest risk we have been in since 9/11. If we were attacked at this moment, who would stand with us? Not Egypt!!! Not Saudia Arabia!!!! Even Israel must feel that we are not really looking out for the interest of our allies. 

Do the people in the administration, and the President himself, even care that they are quickly becoming thought of as worse than Jimmy Carter. Even Mr. Carter was not so arrogant that he felt that he could tell leaders of other countries that they were irrelevant. The man that stood so tall a couple of years ago is quickly becoming the smallest man in the world.

When you have no concept of empathy, I guess it is hard to understand that everyone else might not agree with you and that you are not the only one who counts. The way the Mr. Obama has handled the Egyptian crisis is stunning in it's lack of understanding and it's betrayal of allies.This arrogance on the part of Obama is angering our allies and empowering our enemies.

You have to wonder at the intelligence of our leaders, as well as the intelligence that we are getting from our CIA and State Department. Are they not really aware of the state of affairs in the area, or are they just not listening. We have seen this arrogance on the part of the Obama administration before, when they were so determined to ram healthcare through, that they ignored the will of the people.

It's amazing that the very man that was supposed to be the one that would be able to understand the middles east, because he had lived there as a child, has actually angered and betrayed our allies. I wonder if Mr. Obama really understands the fact that, instead of fostering democracy, all he has done is angered the leaders and fostered even more turmoil. Is he going to take any responsibility for the increased violence?

When you add in the way they are actively cutting our security on the border, shutting down drilling for oil, gas, and mining, you really do have to ask, what is the real agenda of this administration? Are they really so ignorant? Are they really so arrogant that they can't accept that they are not smarter that the rest of the people in the country, and the world? Or do they not care?

Instead of having a strong leader in Mr. Obama, we have wound up with a joker and a fool, that is mocked and ridiculed, by both our enemies and our allies. Instead of a leader that will bring this country back from the brink of economic disaster, we have a weak man that is unable to concentrate on even one thing at a time, much less, walk and chew gum at the same time.

 Instead of a man that understands the plight of the poor and downtrodden, we have a man that is grinding them underfoot, and increasing the prices that they have to pay for everything that they need. Instead of a leader who is cares about the environment of the country, and the world, we have a man that is putting in place polices that so anger average Americans, that they have less energy, time, and even hope, for the future, that they are wondering if the concern for the environment is just a scam.

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