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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obama: Failure of Leadership

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...Image by jmtimages via Flickr
What is wrong with this man that we have elected President of the United States? When he was running for office he told us that he was the only one who could solve the massive problems that this country has. Instead of trying to solve problems, he has caused even more. 

Instead of trying to fix the economy, he has enacted new programs that are costing us even more money. Instead of helping to get us off foreign oil, he has shut down so many oil producing wells, that we will be importing even more foreign oil. We are losing more and more jobs with the policies that they are putting into place. Instead of saving our economy, it seems that he is determined to make the cost of running a business more expensive. The rules and regulations that are being applied to every aspect of our lives are costly, dangerous, and  extremely destructive to the future of the country itself.

A leader leads, he doesn't push it on down the road for someone else. Mr. Obama is no leader. He does not seem to feel that it is his job to come up with a budget for the country. He does not seem to think that it is his job to do much of anything, except to throw parties, and order people around. He doesn't think that the law applies to him. He doesn't think that friends of the country matter. He doesn't even think that the people of the country matter.

He said that he knew how to help the American people save their homes, instead he has put into place policies that are locking homes up in litigation, with no one knowing who will come out ahead. Instead of allowing new loans, banks are afraid to loan money, because they don't know what the administration is going to come up with next, in the term of rules and regulations, as well as fines that are retroactive.

We are finding that inflation does exist, and that we are facing rising costs, in food, energy, and everything else that we buy. The funny thing though, is that, it doesn't count to this government. It does to us though.To be honest these problems didn't start with Mr. Obama, and his administration is not the only one that used this process, to deceive the people of the country into thinking that things were not as bad as they really were. But I remember Mr. Obama saying that he was "Change we could believe in". Well, he has brought about change we can believe in, alright. The trouble is the change is for the worse and not the better.

Even in foreign policy, the change that he has brought about is change that we really don't want. We were told that since Mr. Obama had lived in the Middle East as a child, that he would be able to communicate, and tamp down the anger against the country, instead we have a area of the world that is much more agitated than it was before he took office. We wanted to make our country more secure. Instead we have a country that is turning it's back on it's allies and embracing enemies. Our borders are more open that they were before he took office, and we have found evidence that terrorists are able to enter the country through them. He has abandoned Israel and even says that he will vote against her in the UN

What kind of leader throws friends under the bus, and opens the door for those that want to do us harm? What kind of leader enables our enemies? What kind of leader abuses the people he is charged with leading? If Mr. Obama was the head of a corporation, he would be fired. If he was a father and did these things to his children, he could be prosecuted and jailed. 

Questions are finally beginning to be asked about what the real goal of the Obama administrations is. And questions are finally beginning to be asked if the President is capable of running this country. Questions are finally be asked that should have been asked before he was elected.

A leader needs passion, but the only passion Mr. Obama seems to have is anger, and frustration when he is being questioned, and glee when he can put others down. This is not the passion of a leader, this is the passion you see in a child that enjoys bullying other children. The signs were there for us to see before he was elected, but perhaps we were so hungry for something different, that we didn't realize that the something different we were getting was actually  poison.

A leader inspires others to follow him or her, they do not need to force others to do their will. In fact, they realize that their will is not the most important thing, that the good of the people that they are entrusted to lead is what is the most important. Mr. Obama is under the mistaken idea that since he was elected, that his wants and desires are what matters.We have a system in this country that the leader is supposed to serve the people. Mr. Obama is under the impression that we are here to serve him. 
Who does Mr. Obama really serve?

President Obama punts on budget--John Podhoretz -


Always On Watch said...

Interesting news about Obama's budget today: even Treasury Secretary Geithner has admitted that the fiscal plan that Obama has put forth is unsustainable.

I'll be posting the video tomorrow evening.

loopyloo305 said...

Will be watching for it!!! Thanks for the heads up!!!