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Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama: Oathbreaker in Chief

"The Third-Term Panic", by Thomas Na...Image via WikipediaIt says a lot about the leaders of a country that fear the citizens more than they fear those outside. When we have failed to secure the borders of the country and our leaders who have been charged with that responsibility, are doing everything in their power to keep our borders from being secure instead, we have reached a point where we are slipping from the republic that our founders established, to tyranny. When we have reached a point that our leaders who have sworn to obey the Constitution, ignore it, and decide that the laws do not apply to them, we have reached a point of Constitutional Crisis.

President Obama, members of his Cabinet, people at the Justice Department, were all required to take a oath when they took office. The question is what happens when they decide that it does not apply to them? What recourse to we as citizens of this great country have to either hold them to that oath, or cause them to be removed from office?

What happens when, instead of protecting our country, from enemies, our leaders are preventing us from even protecting ourselves? The Obama administration has made it extremely hard for citizens in the country to travel by air, while  people who live outside this country are able to cross our borders with little or no risk from our government. 

If they are unlucky enough to be caught, they are released back into the country with a warning to appear before a judge for a hearing. Most of them ignore the order and just disappear. Even the ones that have some little respect for our laws and deign to appear before a judge, are often just told to come back for another hearing.

At the same time citizens of the country who just complain about the things they have to go through, to fly, are arrested, or fined. If they still have a problem, they are often put on a no fly list. It's something that our founders would not have stood for. Unreasonable search and seizure is in the Constitution for a reason. This is a real example of unreasonable. No citizen of any country should be expected to withstand more scrutiny that people that are illegally entering that same country.

Our remedy to these problems are written into the Constitution itself. They are trifold. 

  • 1st: We have the ability to impeach and remove from office
  • 2nd: Even these people, when the violate the law, are not above the law. They themselves are subject to being arrested and held for trial before a judge.
  • 3rd:The President himself can be removed from office by the simple manner of the election.
In two years we will have another election. It is up to us to make the people of this country aware of the lawlessness of this administration. It is not going to be easy, but we must do it. Only then can we remove all the people that they have put in place and begin to return our country to it's foundation.

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