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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obama: Playboy or Gangster?

Barack ObamaImage by transplanted mountaineer via FlickrObama's no fool!!! He knows what he is doing. He ignores the real problems while trying to tell other countries how to solve theirs. We are suffering without jobs and running up a debt that threatens to bankrupt the country. Yet he is throwing money at every unproven theory of a jobs program that has ever been thought up to supposedly save the planet.
This is the arrogance of intellectual ignorance(thinking you are smarter than you really are). This is also the arrogance of someone who believes that he and his minions are above the law.
A Constitution Law Professor who ignores the Constitution. Who usurps the powers of Congress and makes laws of his own and threatens the very people who are empowered to make laws that if they have the gall to force him to go by the rules that he will do whatever he wants and that he will find some way to get back at them. 
These are the actions of a criminal, not a leader. 

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