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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sarah Palin on Libya

Sarah Palin has a post on her facebook page, pointing out the reasons that we should support the people of Libya and why we should speak out instead of staying silent. She is right to call out this administration on it's failure to call out Mr. Gadaffi. It's not that he would listen to us, it's that we would let the world know that we still have principles. It's that we would let the world know that our standards are the same for everyone.

Mrs. Palin  knows that we need to signal to the world that we are a strong country and that we will support our friends. She also knows that we need to signal the world that we are willing to put pressure, both verbally and with force, if necessary, to protect our security and safety. The price and availability of oil are important to both.

Where is Mr. Obama on Libya? He was adamant that Mr. Mubarak should step down in Egypt, but he has said nothing about Mr. Gadaffi in Libya. Why? Is the security of Libya any less important to us than the security of Egypt? If Mr. Gadaffi were to blow up the oil pipelines as he has threatened, not only would this be a major loss to the world in oil, but it would raise the price of oil. This would have a very negative effect on our economic recovery.

Mr. Obama is suffering from yet another failure of leadership with his inability to speak forcefully to the world and tell them what our position is. He is not signaling strength, he is signaling weakness. It's too bad that he can not seem to understand that our security and safety is just as important to the unions as it is to the rest of the country. Their jobs depend on having a reliable source of energy for fuel, production, and to heat and cool their homes. Without it, it won't matter whether they retain their ability to unionize or not.

Mr. Obama does not seem to be able to understand that his job is to secure the country. All of the country. Mrs. Palin seems to understand that very well. You see that in her emphasis in her writings and her speaking. 

When you compare the responses to both the crisis in the Middle East and the crisis here at home, you see the stark differences in their attitudes. It's is nice that Mr. Obama remembers who put him in the Whitehouse. It's a shame that he has forgotten, or doesn't care, that now that he is there, it is his responsibility to secure the safety and security of the country.

What we need in a President is someone who can respond to any situation with the interests of the country first and foremost.

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