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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sarah Palin: Rose of Steel

This is an alternate crop of an image already ...Image via WikipediaRead an interesting post by Dan Surber with a really interesting  analogy.  Obama as the hare and Palin as the tortoise. Read the link below and decide for yourself.  Funny and fascinating at the same time. I picture Obama as a candle burning on both ends. I doubt many younger people understand that analogy, but besides burning up much faster, you wind up getting burned yourself. He is flaming out pretty fast. Even his biggest supporters are starting to wonder what his real agenda is.

As we watch and wonder what Obama is going to do next, we know where Sarah Palin stands. She stands strongly with Israel, and knows that their security is just as important to our security as our security is to them. If the muslim brotherhood does take control in Egypt, what happens next? They are stating that their goal is the destruction of Israel, are we going to step in with our protection? Or is the Obama administration going to stand on the sidelines while they fulfill their threats.

This should be making our allies shake in their boots. If this administration will not stand for Israel, with whom we have longstanding treaties, will we stand with any of our allies, if another country decides to go against them? What about Taiwan? If China decides it is in their best interests to retake what they consider their property, will the Barack Obama administration even pay attention?

Sarah Palin would! She would be the first person to say stop, we are with you. If you believe at all in the future of this country, you need to start looking at the strength of the people who are considering a run for the presidency. Will they be strong enough, or will they roll over the first time someone in the media attacks their family. They will do it! They got away with it with Sarah Palin, and now they know that their supporters don't really care what they do, as long as their person comes out on top.

This is the future we are dealing with. If you have listened to some of the protesters in the U.S. from the left, lately, you have heard some of the worst rhetoric and hatred in the history of our country. They went so far as to call for Clarence Thomas' toes to be cut off and fed to him. This was from a member of "Code Pink", the so-called anti-war protesters. Obviously, they only want people they disagree with hurt or killed. If they are people who are determined to kill Americans or Jews, that is fine. They are in Egypt stoking the fires. Of course they don't mind being rescued when it gets out of hand, even if it is by the same people they are so fond of calling killers.

What do we want in the future? Do we want the vision of Barack Obama? Or do we want the vision of Sarah Palin? Who has the right answers? Sarah wants us to drill our own oil, not import it from countries that hate us, and don't care how much it costs us. Sarah wants us to enable all our people to be able to provide themselves with a living wage and healthcare. Sarah believes that this country is the best place in the world to live and wants to keep it that way. Sarah believes that most people are smart enough to know what is best for themselves and their families, and that local governments know what is needed for their area much more than someone a thousand miles away.

Sometimes I wonder at the intelligence of people who insist that Sarah Palin is stupid, mostly because she doesn't take fifty words to get a point across when it only takes two, i.e."death panels". I wonder at the fear that she will win the Republican nomination for President, instead of their handpicked choice, so much so, that they will do their own part to destroy her. But let me remind some of those people, some of their choices have already failed once. Huckabee lost to McCain, so did Romney.

 And if they lost to the man who lost to Obama, does it make any sense to think that they would win when the time to run against him comes? Sarah was only on the ticket a short time but she raised McCain's numbers, he probably would have lost by a larger margin if she had not been on the ticket. And as for the other's who are considering runs, have at it. If they can prove themselves strong enough to withstand the kind of trash that has been thrown at Sarah Palin, then they deserve to be considered.

But I am getting very tired of so-called Republicans who are saying that Sarah Palin is not "presidential", and that she is stupid and only a reality star. Most of them have never met her and are basing their opinions on the opinions of others. I would respect their opinion more if they had met her.

 What is intelligence? Is it intelligent to be able to get a degree from a college or university? Or does that have to be a "elite" university? Is it intelligence if your family has the money to pay your way through that university, instead of having to work your way through, and maybe take 5 or 6 years because of that? Is it intelligence to attend a university because it is elite, or is it more intelligent to use that opportunity to see a part of the country you have not seen before? Is it intelligent to read what the media on the "East Coast" read, or maybe there is a wide variety of news and media out there that is just as important to the rest of the country?

They say that she doesn't have enough experience, while at the same time deliberately disregard the experience that she does have. They say that Huckabee is acceptable and yet if you look at his actual experience, he has less than Sarah. He has no business experience, while she does. So what makes it different? Is it because she is a woman, maybe?

 Are the so called "pundits" are objective? Go back and see who they supported. You will find that some of them, like Peggy Noonan, stated that they supported Barack Obama. So, are they intelligent? If not, what makes them qualified to say who the American People should choose? They told us that John McCain was the best man for the job last time. Were they right then? What makes them right this time. If these people are the ones that think they are the best judges of who is presidential, perhaps they should be the ones that sit down and shut up.

Obama hare, Palin tortoise « Don Surber

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