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Friday, August 12, 2011

Recovering liberty: Here’s how to begin(via American Vision)

Tea Party Protest, Washington D.C. September 1...This is an excellent article on how to change the path that we are on. Please take the time to read it all, it is well worth it and it is an excellent road map for the future!

Recovering liberty: Here’s how to begin

If you’re like me, you’re tired of watching America head downhill, especially when it means the erosion of our culture, wealth, faith, and the steamrolling of our rights and liberties. And if you’re like me, you want to do something about it as soon as possible.

But you also probably know better than to believe that the problems thrust upon us will be fixed by a change of party administration in Washington. These days, altering the seating arrangement in Congress every so many years is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We’ve seen the great Pennsylvania Avenue parade before, dozens of times, and each time the wars continue, the welfare increases, government balloons in size, and debt goes through the roof (unless, of course, they raise the ceiling again). It’s time to focus on solutions that work, even if it means starting small, planning long, and making sacrifices.

You’re probably talking to all kinds of people—regular folks, as well as pastors, teachers, politicians, and many other leaders in society—often asking the question, “What can we do?” I have heard that question myself many times, especially in response to the theology and worldview taught here at American Vision. Sounds great, but what is to be done? It was my goal to sit down and begin a training project, privately funded, and to be promoted and given away free online, that provides simple and clear answers to that question. My project, called “County Rights” for short, is that attempt.

So far I have covered education, welfare, and local government. I have emphasized the things that we can do right now; and these are the things that must be done first if we are to make any further progress in this battle. This is the kernel of the project: local sovereignty and local freedom. What follows from here in this project is either based on the same principles I’ve already covered (although in absolutely vital, crucial areas of life that need to be covered yet), or they require much more progress to be made before they become viable to accomplish.

So, since what I’ve covered already is so fundamental, vital, and so ready for the taking, I want to provide an overview of the big picture so far. Here’s a “2-minute” version  of Restoring America, One County at a Time:


First, education is the easiest thing to recover, and the most vital. You’ve got to pull your kids out of public schools. This is quick and easy to do in most states; but it is able to be done in all. In fact, there are no laws in any statemandating that you subject your children to public schooling. This is purely a personal decision—a willing subjugation on the part of the parent—with only economic and lifestyle motivations involved. In addition to this, anyone who actually cares what their children are taught, who cares about the principles of individual liberty, and/or who decries the principles of socialism (taxing some people to pay for services to others), among other things, is under a moralobligation to provide for their children’s education privately. Every Christian, especially, should pull their children out immediately. Every church should support homeschooling parents, help with materials and supplemental instruction, and open its own school as well, especially for poorer members. Morally speaking, there’s really no good reason not to. Only if you let convenience and money trump morality would you continue to support public schooling.

There are still goals to be worked for after making this initial momentous step. We must have in view a world in which tax-funded schooling does not exist, and then we must plan and work toward that vision. We should hope to end tax-funded education entirely. We should at the very least work for tax-exemptions for those who educate at home or otherwise privately. This is only just.

If every professed Bible-believing Christian 1) took responsibility for their own children, and 2) then organized to demand an end to school taxes, the public school system could be defunct within a matter of weeks, and certainly would be within a year. But then again, who cares if they exist in general or not, as long as we obtain the right to opt-out of all taxation that funds the system.

How people react to this first topic of the project, I predict, will show how willing they are to work and sacrifice for freedom in general. If we won’t take back that freedom which lies right in front of us, if we refuse to sacrifice where it’s easiest (although still a sacrifice), then we’re saying on a personal and local level at least, “I want my socialism.” Balking at this point is an admission of complicity in the plunder, or complacency in general. Both reasons would indicate that people are not yet ready to be free. At this point, we’ll see whether the TEA-party is really ready for a party.

For a more detailed look at education, see my previous discussions: how it was freehow it was lost, and how to get it back. These are also available in video.

Welfare and Social Security

Secondly, centralized State welfare is a failure. In fact, it is a scheme long-since designed to redistribute wealth and enslave us as beggars to the central powers. The answer is individually-funded “retirement” and insurance, family-based welfare for old age, and church or voluntary community solutions for the truly poor and for those few instances which exceed individual or family capacity (true charity cases). A free society will also include at least an option to abstain from the system.

Every church, instead of spending 80% of its income on new building programs and pastor’s salaries, should have a large fund designated for the care of members who are truly biblical widows and orphans. Voluntary communities could do the same, but these would essentially operate as small, private insurance groups (although, don’t dare call it “insurance” or the government and a tribe of lawyers and lobbyists will slaughter you to the gods of the insurance industry in a court of admiralty).Read the rest at American Vision:

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